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The ever watching viking friend for Discord.

A multipurpose Discord bot created to boost community engagement and provide staff with the tools they need to succeed. Featuring a multitude of fun commands, server management, NSFW capabilities, and more to support your server.



Perform moderation tasks all while keeping to keep things under control.


Optionally create a logging channel to keep up to tabs with what's happening.


Remember the best moments with a starboard, optional custom emoji support.


Keep things saucy with a host of NSFW commands. Requires server toggle and nsfw channels.


Use Heimdallr's far reaching site to search for movies, game deals, and more via our API integrations.


Allow members to shine via our reputation system. Members and give and take reputation as they desire.


Need a cute animal or perhaps a quick trivia question or two? Keep your members enguaged with polls and an insult generator (may be NSFW).

And more

Heimdallr continues to grow since arriving on the scene in 2018. Join our support server to keep up to date on the latest news..

Warning Heimdallr (the bot) has never been formally certified to warn of the Ragnarök. Please keep a close watch out for supernaturally large snakes, fen dwellers, and mischievous gods.