Heimdallr Commands

Heimdallr has a host of commands ready to boost your community. See a break down of the commands and what they do below.

The default prefix is h. you may also use @heimdallr.

Commands with variables will commonly allow for a prompted entry option as well.


Command Description Useage Alias
About Provides general information about the bot. about info
Accept If configured, allows user to be placed into default role (i.e. accepting rules) accept
Blacklist Blacklist a user from using starboard or reputation commands. blacklist @member blacklist, unblacklist
Server Provides information about the current server. server guild
Help Displays a list of commands or information about a command. help, help [command] halp
Invite Provides invite link for the bot. invite
Ping pong ping
Prefix Change the server's current bot prefix prefix [prefix]
Reset Resets the stars and/or reputations of the server. reset [stars/reps/all]
Settings Displays the server's current settings. settings
Stats Displays statistics about Heimdallr. stats


Command Description Useage Alias
8ball Ask the magic 8ball a question 8ball [question] eightball
Cute Provides a image of something cute (dog, cat, fox, bird) cute [type]
Insult Insult another member on the server (can be nsfw). insult @member
Poll Create a reaction based poll for members to vote on. poll [question]
Trivia Play a round of trivia based on the category (games, animals, movies, anime, animation, music, general) trivia [type]


Command Description Useage Alias
e621 Search the e621 booru for an image based on tags. e621 [tag] yiff
gelBooru Search the GelBooru booru for an image based on tags. gelbooru [tag] gel
Rule34 Search the Rule34.xxx for an image based on tags. rule34 [tag] r34

Command Description Useage Alias
Ero Search for Ero image. ero
Hentai-Blowjob Search for blowjob image. hentai-blowjob blowjob
Hentai-Boobs Search for boob image. hentai-boobs hboobs
Cum Search for cumming image. cum
Hentai Search for hentai image. hentai
Femdom Search for a femdom image. femdom
Kemonomimi Search for a Kemonomimi image. kemonomimi kemo
Kitsune Search for a kitsune image. kitsune
Neko Search for a neko image. neko
Trap Search for a trap image. trap
Yaoi Search for a yaoi image. yaoi
Yuri Search for a yuri image. yuri

Command Description Useage Alias
4k Search for a top quality image. ero
Anal Search for anal image. anal
Ass Search for ass image. ass
Boobs Search for boobs image. boobs tits
GoneWild Search for a GoneWild image. gonewild gw
PornGif Search for porn gif image. porngif pgif
Pussy Search for a pussy image. pussy
Thigh Search for a thigh image. thigh


Command Description Useage Alias
BestStar Shows the most starred message in the server. best-star star-best
Delete-Star Deletes all the stars on a message and removes it from the starboard. delete-star [msg ID] [#channel]
Emoji Changes the emoji for the starboard of the guild. emoji [emoji]
Fix-Star Fixes the stars on the message based on the reactions. fix-star [msg ID] [#channel] fix-stars
ShowStars Shows a user's accumulated stars and their best starred message. show-stars [@member] show-star, stars
Star Stars a message. star [msg ID] [#channel]
Starboard Sets the channel for the starboard. starboard [#channel]
Star-Info Views the star information about a message. star-info [msg ID] [#channel]
StarThreshold Sets the amount of stars a message must receive before it appears on the starboard. starthreshold [number] threshold-star, star-limit
Top-Stars Displays a list of users sorted by how many stars they have in the server. top-stars [null or number] stars-top
Unstar Unstars a message. unstar [msg ID] [#channel]


Command Description Useage Alias
AddRep Adds reputation to someone. Reusing this command will simply replace the reason. add-rep [@member] [reason] rep, ++
DeleteRep Deletes a reputation from someone to someone else. delete-rep [@source member] [@target member]
dinf Shows a member's infractions from DiscordRep.com. dinf [@member] dis-infractions
disrep Shows a member's reputation from DiscordRep.com. disrep [@member] drep
RemoveRep Removes a reputation to someone. remove-rep [@member] unrep, --
Show-Rep Shows a members's accumulated reputation. show-rep [@member] show-reps
Top-Rep Displays a list of users sorted by how much reputation they have in the guild. top-rep [null or number] top-reps, rep-top


Command Description Useage Alias
Ban Ban a member from the server (loggable). ban @member [reason]
Kick Kick a member from the server (loggable). kick @member [reason]
Mute Adds member to configured mute role (loggable). mute @member [time] [reason] unmute @member [reason]
News Create an embeded message in your servers configured news channel. news [title] [message], news (follow prompts) annoucement
Purge Purge a set amount of messages from a channel (loggable). purge [0-99] clear, clean
RoleAdd Add a role to a member (loggable). roleadd @member @role addrole
RoleRemove Remove a role from a member (loggable). removerole @member @role delrole
Softban Temporarily ban a member from the server. softban @member [time] [reason]


Command Description Useage Alias
AnnoucementChannel Configures the server announcement channel. announcechannel [#channel] annchan
DefaultRole Configures a default role for use with the accept command. defaultrole [@role] defrole
LogChannel Configures the server log channel. logchannel [#channel] logchan
MuteRole Configures a role for muted users to be placed into. muterole [@role]
NSFW Enables or disables NSFW mode. nsfw [true/false]
Setup When first adding to a server run setup and follow the prompts to configure everything. setup